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Don't Waste Time and Money Taking Your Products to Market Without the Right Help

Who you pick to design, engineer, or prototype your product is one of the most important decisions you can make in your business. 

Picking the wrong industrial designer, mechanical engineer, prototyper, or one who lacks experience and deep technical knowledge, can cost you thousands of dollars, precious time and energy, and potentially even stop you from getting to market successfully.

Let help you find the right industrial designer, mechanical engineer, or prototyper by using our unique search process that matches you with the right type of pro with the right track record to be your trusted guide for your project.

The MyDesignPros Difference

Find the right talent for the right job - fast!

Let technology combined with the right processes allow you to match with expert industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and prototypers without having to be an expert yourself to pick the right person.

Time is money in the modern economy.

Opportunity can be gone in a blink of an eye. Costs to take products to market are rising for business owners. Industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and prototypers have less time and higher costs to deal with growing their businesses. We make it fast and easy for both sides to connect and do business.

No Escrows.
No Transaction Fees.
No Big Brother.

We give you the freedom to have more capital to invest in your dreams and business, launch products that make a difference, and the ability to give back to your community. OUR SITE IS 100% FREE FOR CLIENTS LOOKING FOR OUR DESIGN PROS.

Find the Perfect Fit with Speed and Confidence

How It Works
Force-Ranked Profiles 

Industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and prototypers complete our intelligent profile creation process with force-ranked skill ratings.

Detailed Work Samples

Industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and prototypers add work samples and stories to verify their skills and expertise.

Smart Search

You search our network based on the skills you need matched to pros with skills that matter.

Empowering Filters

Special filters help you refine your search results to see the pros that match your needs.

Pick Your Pro

You pick the pro who is right for you and connect to start your venture together.

MyDesignPros lets industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and prototypers spend more time creating amazing products!

Join our network today and create a professional profile to showcase your expertise to our audience of entrepreneurs and businesses looking to take their products to market. Spend more time making great things and less time marketing and hunting for clients.

Your pro is waiting. Let's find your perfect fit.