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Tired Of Freelance Sites That Don’t Understand What You Do?

Join the only site focused on YOUR SKILLS and the clients that need you

MyDesignPros Helps Clients Find Industrial Design Professionals Like You FAST

Membership at MyDesignPros allows you to create a professional profile and portfolio highlighting your background and expertise to entrepreneurs and professionals who need help taking their ideas and products to market.

How It Works

1. Create a Profile
The MyDesignPros platform offers industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and prototypers a skill ranked profile to showcase their best work.   

2. Skill Rankings
As you create your profile, rank your top 5 skills and markets with your strongest at the top. This helps your profile inspire clients to contact you with projects that fit your expertise.

3. Clients Contact You
Our free search engine allows potential clients to quickly filter results by market focus and skills to find you.  When you are a good match for a project, the client can contact you directly.

4. A Great Value
Unlike other freelance sites, we don’t charge ANY transaction fees. You pay a low monthly subscription and YOU KEEP ALL YOUR PROFITS.

The MyDesignPros Difference

In the freelance industry, the only choices available are sites trying to cater to everyone with confusing search engines trying to market graphic designers alongside industrial designers - two very different skill sets.

We knew there had to be a better way.  

MyDesignPros offers a unique skill ranked profile and portfolio so that industrial design professionals can easily be found by potential clients looking for YOUR SKILL SET.  And we do it all without the complicated bureaucracy like other freelance sites.

Save Time and Let Clients Come To You

MyDesignPros brings clients to you. Once you create a profile, businesses can find you using our free search feature to find your profile and portfolio.  

Better Project Matches for Your Expertise

The MyDesignPros profile creation process lets you highlight your market focus and best skills first so that clients with great fitting projects can find you.

No Big Brother.
No Transaction Fees.
No Escrows. 

As a simple subscription based platform, we stay out of your business and don’t ask for endless fees. You have the freedom to make more money, invest in your dreams, and give back to your community.

Spend more time working on great projects that businesses bring to you.

Join our network today and create a professional profile to showcase your expertise to our audience of serious businesses looking to take their products to market. Spend more time making great things and less time marketing and hunting for clients.

MyDesignPros supports industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and prototypers looking for more visibility in the marketplace and more control over the process.