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Product Design Can Take Many Forms

Written by Christopher Bray on 03-04-2020 in Product Design.

A successful product design encompasses 3 time tested factors:  form, fit, and function All experien...

How Do I Select The RIght Designer?

Written by Christopher Bray on 03-04-2020 in Tips for Clients.

Even though this site solves the problem of finding designers with relevant experience, you will sti...

How Do I Create A Plan For Developing My Product?

Written by Christopher Bray on 03-07-2020 in Best Practices.

Frequently when I work with startups, they are engaging in the design process to come up with concep...

How Do I Improve My Profile’s Visibility?

Written by Christopher Bray on 03-23-2020 in Tips for Subscribers.

This site makes it incredibly easy for potential clients to find the right design professionals base...

Should I Have My Product Made Offshore To Get A Lower Price?

Written by Christopher Bray on 03-24-2020 in Risk Reduction.

Right now due to the Coronavirus, American Companies are learning a hard lesson when it comes to sup...

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