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Don’t Wait Too Long To Re-Shore Your Products To The USA

Written by Christopher Bray on 03-25-2020 in Industry Trends.

2019-2020 has seen a lot of activity putting pressure on manufacturers to re-shore their products.  As this trend continues, local manufacturers and tool shops will become increasingly busy and it will become more difficult to get their focus on your products so you can meet your timeline objectives for getting your product sourced.  There are definitely things you can do to help in the effort that will elicit a better response from potential suppliers.  Here are a few tips:

  1. Put together a detailed quote package that spells out exactly what you would like quoted.  This document should provide part numbers, color/material specifications, and the most important thing to include is your order quantities by material and color.
  2. Provide any and all 3D CAD models so the potential supplier knows exactly what they are quoting.
  3. Provide any quality specifications/expectations.
  4. Provide a timeline of when you expect to kick them off on production.

These actions will build confidence in your supplier that you are serious about the opportunity and will make them want to prioritize your product over others.

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