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How Do I Improve My Profile’s Visibility?

Written by Christopher Bray on 03-23-2020 in Tips for Subscribers.

This site makes it incredibly easy for potential clients to find the right design professionals based on their project needs.  To make sure you are one of the profiles that show up the most often during a client’s search, there are some simple things you can do that don’t take much time and will significantly improve your visibility.

  1. This site has both a Basic ($9.99/month) and a Premium ($14.99/month) subscription package.  The Premium subscription level gives you priority during client searches given you match the relevant experience they are looking for.  What that means is that if 5 profiles show up in a particular search, but you’re the only person with a premium subscription, your profile will be listed first.  This is a good deal If you do the math.  For less than $200/year, which is really cheap for advertising, you can take advantage of the client traffic being driven to the site to get more projects.  Right now, I spend over $200 PER MONTH in advertising for Linkedin, Cleverly, and Matcha to get the word out.
  2. Spend quality time on your profile and portfolio.  Go into detail on what your experience is and the types of projects you are looking for.  The more detail you provide in this section, the more clients will trust you and believe you are up to the job they require.  Also make sure your portfolio items are just as detailed.  Provide multiple images that give the client a sense of your depth of experience.  Make sure your images include details like call outs that explain how the design works, materials used, and manufacturing processes required to make the product.  
  3. Post regularly to the Expert Content section of the site.  This is actually a way to bypass the client having to find you via a profile search.  They will see your helpful articles and suggestions and click on your profile link to learn more.  This is a great tool because the potential client does not see any other profiles but yours and your chances of getting a project go up significantly.  Regular posts demonstrate your knowledge and experience and make you stand out form everyone else’s profiles.  Take advantage of it.

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