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How Do I Select The RIght Designer?

Written by Christopher Bray on 03-04-2020 in Tips for Clients.

Even though this site solves the problem of finding designers with relevant experience, you will still find yourself with a “short list” of designers to choose from.  This post will provide you with some helpful hints on how to find the right designer for you out of that list.


First, review each profile and look at their design portfolios.  These are past projects they have worked on.  Make sure the work is clearly explained.  Are there notes explaining the original scope of the project?  Do the visuals provide clear communication to how the design works, the materials used, and manufacturing methods that would be required?  Also look for how many portfolio items the designer has uploaded.  A broad portfolio shows a designer with experience.


Second, open a line of communication with the designer.  Go through a brief, but meaningful, interviewing process.  You want the communication to be prompt and clear.  You want someone that shows they are very interested in your project and they can explain their past experience and provide a compelling reason how they can make a difference in your project.


Third, ask them for a detailed proposal.  This will allow you to see exactly what they will provide for the price they are charging.  Proposals should contain sufficient detail for you to understand their process and timing for getting the project completed.


The bottom line is you are looking for professionalism, sincere interest in your project, and obvious depth of experience.

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