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Product Design Can Take Many Forms

Written by Christopher Bray on 03-04-2020 in Product Design.

A successful product design encompasses 3 time tested factors:  form, fit, and function


All experienced designers approach each project with these 3 things in mind as they should.  But for someone looking the right design or engineering talent, what do these things actually mean?


Form is the aesthetic the design takes.  This can include shape, texture, and increasingly important is the colors, materials, and finishes that are used in the design.  These attract consumers to the product and provide a sensory experience that will help drive sales.  When first starting out with your idea, you will want to make sure you select a designer with lots of experience in developing the form of your product.  Their portfolio should demonstrate exciting aesthetics they’ve applied to through their design thinking.


Fit is also an important factor for your design.  Rarely does a product contain only a single component, so making sure you concept is developed with details around how things will assemble together or how something might need to fit inside of it are important.


Function is very critical to the success of your product.  Your product needs to do what you advertise.  This means thinking that will include problem solving, selection of the right materials and manufacturing methods to create a product that meets the expectations of the consumer.  If you’re product is supposed to be a durable outdoors product and it breaks or fades in color because of sunlight, these are issues that will cause your reputation to suffer.  Doing some research into what your product specifications should be for how it will operate and what environment it will be in is crucial.  Your designer/engineer can help you with this too.

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