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On the "My Account" page's log-in form, there is a link near the bottom labeled "Forgot my password." Click it and follow the prompt to enter your email address so that a reset link can be sent to you.  Follow the instructions in the email you receive and you'll be able to reset your password to one of your choosing.

MyDesignPros is the only website that caters only to professionals with expertise in product design and development and the clients that are looking for them. Clients can search for design professionals for free. Design professionals pay a simple subscription fee to list their profile and portfolio on our platform. We never require either party to communicate or make transactions directly through the platform.

Absolutely not. Design professionals pay for a subscription and that’s it. Clients search for free. There are no transaction fees and no arbitrage fees. NO ADDITIONAL FEES PERIOD!  Our platform helps pros and clients find each other and enables pros to make money for their work without having to give a portion to a third party.

When pros upgrade to PREMIUM, their profiles will be ranked higher in searches that match their experience level and market focus.

No! We think the bidding processes on other freelance sites drive the wrong behavior. Projects get bid down too far making pros unhappy with the money they make for their work and clients may end up getting bad results.

You don’t.  Once you’ve identified the right pro for you, reach out and make personal contact to review your project in detail.  The end result will be a better proposal that takes into account everything you need for your project.

When you are viewing a professional profile you will notice the contact information is not immediately available. If you are a potential client looking to connect with that professional, you will need to click the link to create an account or log in if you already have an account.  A client account only requires basic information like your first name, last name, and email address.  Once you have logged in, you will be able to see the contact information a professional has opted to make available through our platform.

Yes, in order for a client to see your contact info, they must sign up to create an account and provide an e-mail address. We also use industry-standard SSL certificates and the HTTPS protocol to collect and serve data on our platform.

No. Never. You can see our privacy policy here.

We make it incredibly easy for you to do all of this quickly.  Spend as much time as you like on your portfolio and information, but you should be able to get everything done in just a few minutes.

No.  Our site is totally free for clients (i.e., business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, inventors, etc.) to find the right pro for their product development needs.

The ranking process is a feature unique to in that professionals have to make a decision on which attributes are truly their strongest to present to potential clients. By prioritizing these details, you will be positioned to receive better quality project requests that fit your talents.

We do all the work for you! By answering our carefully selected questions in the search engine feature, we will generate a list of profiles for you of pros with the most relevant skills and experience. Unlike other freelance sites, we don’t let pros select they are good at everything because we know they are not. Every pro has experience in certain areas and we force them to rank that experience so you get profiles most relevant to your project's needs.

The purpose of our site is to connect clients with the right pro for their needs. From there, it is up to you to contact the pro, negotiate a fair price for the work, and then work with them on payment terms and how to pay them.  We believe this creates the fairest deals that get you the right expertise for the right price without any additional fees you would pay on other sites.

MyDesignPros engages in social media advertising and SEO to drive potential client traffic to the site in order to provide numerous opportunities for the pros who subscribe.

Log in to your account here and navigate to the "My Profile" tab in your dashboard menu. There is a section labeled "Payment Information" with a red "cancel plan" button. Press the button and your subscription plan will be canceled so that no future charges are made to your account.